Who are you people anyway?

Chelsea Rustrum • Community Builder • @mktgchelsea

Among the many hats Chelsea wears, strategic online marketer and community builder seem to stick. In the past year plus, she's been a mover and a shaker amongst the sharing economy community whilst writing It's a Shareable Life, which is a practical guide to sharing stuff, time, space and resources. She's enjoyed the freedom of coworking and working remotely for the past several years in places like Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Italy. Infrastructure (interwebage) is catching up with the readiness of our culture (adoption of working from anywhere). She is excited to combine power of travel, collaboration and team building. Read more about Chelsea and her interests at rustrum.com.

Josh Schwartzman • Developer • @geeosh

Josh grew up in a small town in Montana, starting a web development business, at age 14 to gain more independence. He's traveled all over North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australasia - to learn from people and cultures, and the challenge and spontaneity that travel affords. He's been involved with the development of many local startups in San Francisco and is passionate about fusing travel and collaboration together. You can see some of his projects at joshschwartzman.com.

Andrea Paoletti • Collaboration Expert • @and_paoletti

Architect, dreamer and motivator Andrea is the forefather of bringing social innovation to Matera in southern Italy. Originally from Biella, Piedmont, in northern Italy, Andrea has a passion for rural and social innovation and sustainability. Casa Netural, a co-working and coliving space in Matera, Basilicata, is his personal project to realise this aspiration to reinvent regional communities. This is supported by his expertise in architecture and creation of collaborative environments through his shared company, uuushh*, and as a lead designer for The Hub global coworking network. Never short of energy, Andrea has a natural strength for building networks, engaging others and provoking change.

Candice Keller • Local Host • @frockingbird

Candice will be your “local” host in Matera – an Australian journalist who is enjoying a seemingly endless sabbatical in southern Italy. After eight years working for a daily metropolitan newspaper in South Australia, Candice put her life in a suitcase to travel and learn all things Italian: language, culture, food and how to live la bella vita. She now works in international communications: social media marketing, blogging and translations. Her dream is to achieve independence, self-sufficiency, to up-skill and be a citizen of the world.