Imagine a wondrous playground that inspires, broadens your horizons, nurtures development and brings together creative minds...

This October you have the chance to find this and more in magical Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage site in southern Italy.
You'll have the opportunity to:
  • live, work and play in Matera, Italy for two weeks
  • connect to entrepreneurs in the local community
  • get outside your routine and be motivated by new surroundings and people
  • collaborate and skill share with others
  • learn some basic italian - bellisimo!
  • group sailing in the Mediterranean
  • enjoy authentic Italian cooking every day

Why are you doing this?

We believe collaboration is crucial to global sustainability – plus, it’s a lot more fun to learn by doing and work with others who have different experiences, skill sets and ideas. We are passionate about innovation by creating a human incubator in which a group of similarly driven people can live, work and explore together.

Who doesn't want to wake up to croissants and cappuccino every day? You'll enjoy the endless sights and sounds of a 14th century Italian town, and taste the delicious local food and wine.

How do I get in?

Apply now! Fifteen innovators will be chosen to participate in the intensive two-week program. Registration includes accommodation, breakfast, wifi, inspiration, a network, off-site activities and some lunches.

We are getting purposeful entrepreneurs to live and work together in a destination to accelerate progress.
Who should come?
  • Purposeful entrepreneurs
  • Founders who believe in community
  • Travelers, explorers
  • People with ideas, an open mind and enthusiasm

Where is this taking place?

Matera is a city that captures your imagination and your soul. Unlike any other, the Sassi (old town) in the historical centre is beautiful beyond words and has a curious personality of its own.

Within that centre is Casa Netural, a rural coworking, coliving and collaborative workspace. This will be your headquarters to work from, connect to the local community, and interact with other Startup Abroad participants. You will stay at Hotel Sassi, a five minute walk from Casa Netural, where you'll have wifi and a daily group breakfast included. The group will be facilitated by Andrea and Chelsea with Candice working on group logistics and blogging during Startup Abroad. [Get to know the team].

The spaces in between are where the magic is at.
Do I need to come with an idea/project/funded startup?

Everyone needs to come with a project or startup they are currently working on and be able to answer these questions:

  • What are you working on?
  • What do you need help with?
  • What can you contribute to the group?

One more why:

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should join. The benefits are multi-fold - you will take from the experience what you put into it.

At the very least you will form a new network of contacts and experts from around the world. That is guaranteed.

Next, you can progress your project in a focused, inspired environment with the guidance and input of others who have experience, ideas and skills outside of your realm.

You will see rural Italian life at its most authentic: Matera is a city of 60,000 inhabitants, but it is a community at heart.

You can give back! Be it sharing your knowledge with other participants or meeting members of the community who need some support, there will be ample opportunity to connect with local entrepreneurs.

Startup Abroad is a user defined experience where the sum is greater than its parts.
How do I join?

The cost for the whole Startup Abroad experience in Italy this October is just 1200€ or $1595 USD. To get invited to join us, click on Request an Invite and fill out an application. For more questions or to get in touch, please feel free to reach out.

  • - bed & en suite bathroom
  • - collaborative workspace and wifi
  • - daily group breakfast
  • - some lunches and dinners

  • - group sailing lessons
  • - skillsharing with participants
  • - connection with local community